The Legal Complaint

Legal Complaint

As the litigation is a matter of public record we are able to post it here on our website. If you take the time to read it you will see the judge has allowed for discovery of MHA and for profit (APG) and non profit affiliates, which explores the legitimacy of their non-profit status.

Keep in mind that this enterprise is estimated to generate $1.4M per year at 11 Yale Street. The contract will run over a 10 year period and we are working very hard to understand how this money flows into the for profit entities. Our adversary is fighting very hard to deny us this visibility. Also keep in mind that once our city allows this one multi million-dollar enterprise to operate in a residential neighborhood, we are effectively open for business in a market where the demand for services is effectively unlimited.

The economic impact of this specific type of opioid treatment facility in residential neighborhoods has been studied (link) and the resultant 17% decrease in property values within 1/8 of a mile and 8% within 1/4 of mile, will take millions off The Grand List (total taxable value of properties in the city). This is nothing more than private profits at the public expense! Our Mayor and political leadership should be leading the fight against this existential threat to our economic foundation.  However, this is not the case. Our Mayor is vigorously supporting it, for what we feel is personal political benefit, whilst others remain mostly silent. We need our city leaders to show courage and take a public stand and demand that the building permit be withdrawn!

If after you have read this, you would like to financially support the legal case on behalf of the plaintiffs, please click here to make a non tax deductible contribution. Once you insert the $ amount in the “Pay your bill” section, you will then be asked for some more information – please insert “No On Yale” in the section that asks for the Invoice.

We are all,

Citizens for Holyoke