NO ON YALE – City Approves 48 Occupant Medical Facility

August 2020

Dear Concerned Citizens for Holyoke,

To our great dismay, it appears that MHA has now directly and purposefully endangered our neighborhood and the workers who have been involved in the deconstruction at 11 Yale. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, Dept of Labor Standards has just issued a cease and desist for all construction at 11 Yale due to unlicensed handling of asbestos and lead -see the attached WARNING Notices.  MHA continues to show disregard for our community, it’s workers and the many negative impacts to the city which we have documented at 

Our Mayor has made every effort to force this project into being, even after we demonstrated substantial documented code violations to his appointed Holyoke Zoning Board of Appeals. With buildings collapsing around our city and city approved building plans endangering our citizens, we want answers! Why has our Mayor fought so hard for this project? What is the extent of his relationship with MHA? Why is MHA a web of for profit and nonprofit entities? Why does our city say that a 16 bed facility that administers and stores drugs not have medical care as a major component? Is this to get around our zoning? Why does MHA claim this project is educational when the funding they received is for Medically Assisted Therapy? 

This entire enterprise is at the core of why people don’t trust government. Politicians and the private sector gaming the system at the public’s expense!

Please help us get answers from our elected officials. They work for us!

Please sign up for a NO ON YALE lawn sign. If you have any insights to share please send them to Thank you for your support.